We do upmarket peasant food - this means it is unpretentious, passionate, exciting, affordable and loads of flavour. We pride ourselves on where we get our produce from... the majority of ingredients are within 15 miles and most are organic or wild.
A lot of our dishes can be vegetarian, vegan and gluten free.

Our wood fired pizzas are becoming renowned for the being "the best." This is because we use our Florentine Terracotta Oven to cook the pizzas. Local organic flour is made into dough daily which is proved for at least 24 hours. All the toppings are the best quality and most are organic or local.

"Your pizzas are the best I’ve eaten & I’m from Naples.”

Example Menu

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Hungerford Park

We are so happy to be working with Ollie's parents who have created a truly beautiful farm with their own rare breed pigs fed organically, free range sheep and chickens grazing on protein rich grass, cider, apple juice, wild honey and a wonderful organic vegetable garden which is 12 years certified. Free visits to the pigs, lamb or walled garden are on offer. For more details please see their website


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A Note on Tips

We do not add service to your bill - that is your decision. We train all our staff to the best that we can giving them knowledge and passion, please reward them for that. We give them 100% of all tips.