Sunday Roasts - Pre Order Only

Our normal menu is available on Sundays for any size party.

We all love roasts...we love knowing that a beautiful joint of meat is slowly cooking in the oven, potatoes in the same tray, whilst we go for a good walk. When someone else is cooking for you, it is a truly special meal so Ollie will cook you a Sunday Roast just like you would at home - guaranteeing the best flavour.

You just need to pre-order your Sunday roast by the Thursday before for a minimum of 6 people.

This allows Ollie time to select the best organic joint for your party from his parents' Hungerford Park Farm. All you need do is choose your favourite meat and dessert and we will do the rest.  To make this approach sustainable with no waste, our joints serve a minimum of six portions. If your group is smaller, you can take home the leftovers for sandwiches and stew (like the good old days). For larger groups, The Wheatsheaf's private dining room can seat up to 14 people with an intimate atmosphere.

Our approach to the Sunday Roast avoids sliced meat, roasties and Yorkshire puds sitting in a heated cabinet, drying out while they are waiting to be ordered, then served with microwaved vegetables. And no mountians of waste either!


“The most delicious traditional Sunday roast I have ever eaten. My foodie Dad (74) said, with a tear in his eye, ‘This is what beef used to taste like before supermarkets.’” - Anna, Ramsbury

The Wheatsheaf is delighted to be included in the Independent's Best Pubs for Sunday Lunch Guide.