Here are some things we are proud of...

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Organic Certification

We have been awarded our 3 star certificate by the Soil Association for sourcing organic produce on our menu. Unfortunately they can’t include all the organic produce we use, so in actual fact we use closer to 80% organic food and drink at the pub. You can enjoy our pub whilst saving the bees by being organic! It’s great to have been voted the most sustainable pub by the SRA… thank you.


Helping Our Carbon Footprint

We add a voluntary £1 to every bill which goes directly to the charity Carbon Footprint. Reducing our carbon emissions is one the most important ways to tackle climate change. Join us in our quest for sustainability.

If you would like us to remove it, please just ask.

Rapeseed Oil

We use Rapeseed Oil in our Fryers. It is healthier for us, it is English, local and sustainable. It is produced from non genetically modified seeds and is high in monounsaturated fats and Omegas. We use a company that recycles our oil into renewable forms of energy.


All our electricity and gas come from a wonderful company called Ecotricity who produce 100% renewable energy from wind farms and Green Gas Mills.

Nose to Tail

We support a nose to tail ideology, meaning that if an animal dies for food we will maximise the whole beast, respectfully. By working closely with Ollie's Dad, our Butcher, we know how to do this – again it is sustainable and results in less waste.


Chocolate and Love produce the best tasting chocolate found in packaging. It is also organic, Fair Trade, supporting reforestation and the most ethical chocolate by consciously cutting fuel costs, using FCS paper and green packaging.

Olive Oil

Lauren and Ollie are good friends with Tommaso and the team at Terre di Traiano near Andria in Puglia (the garden of Italy). They make truly wonderful delicious organic olive oil that we import personally. We owe a lot of our inspiration to this part of the world.


Growing Our Own

We grow our own herbs and fruit in our beautiful garden at the pub. Roses can be turned into rose jam, sage into a fresh pasta, chives into an emulsion with fish, pears into a tarte tatin with clotted cream. It couldn't be fresher than that.

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The Ethical Bank

Very proud to be working with Triodos - an ethical bank. Their financial and banking services are for savers, investors and organisations who want to change the world for the better. Over 700,000 customers are already playing their part in their positive movement, making them one of the world’s most sustainable banks.


We only give you Honey from Hungerford Park whose bees live off Wild Flowers, Crops and Rich Clover. Most supermarket honey is from bees who are fed solely on sugar to maximise profits and yield, when means that the bees aren’t pollinating crops, they are suffering from Colony Collapse Disorder and there are very few nutrients in honey from sugar-fed bees. Hungerford Park Honey is the opposite, full of nutrients and flavour and their bees are healthy and pollinating the Hungerford Park organic Walled Garden.

Sustainable Produce

We are proud to use produce that is seasonal, local and ethical British, all meats are from free range or organic livestock or are wild. Our fish is responsibly sourced. We are also supporters of organic agriculture, Fair Trade, Slow Food and Rainforest Alliance. We are also incredibly proud of Ollie's Mum's organic Walled Garden that has been certified for 10 years and produces the best tasting vegetables and fruit. Hungerford Park Meat are not Farm Assured yet, but we totally believe in what they do.

Tea, Coffee, Biscuits

Hampstead Tea, Kingdom Coffee and Clipper are our suppliers of the warm drinks. All organic and Fair Trade, plus the Hampstead is Biodynamic. All delicious.



We have purposely gone out of our way to find and reuse old furniture. Beautifully crafted but aged.


All our meat is either Free Range, Organic or Wild - my Dad supplies sheep which graze on protein rich meadows, and Oxford Sandy and Black pigs that munch organic fruit and veg in woodlands. Our grass fed organic beef comes from Hereford Breed cows from Nesbitt Farm who practices amazing welfare (grass fed beef is not only delicious but also far more nutritious). And the chickens are organic from Springfield Poultry which means they keep more flavour and integrity. All our game is wild and from local estates.


We have a good bin system, recycling the food waste, glass, plastics, cardboard and paper. Waste is criminal. Reduce, reuse, recycle… if we all do it, it will make a difference.

In House Still and Sparkling

We have worked with Eauvation to install this exciting new system which means we cut down huge amounts of glass waste. We can also make our own lemonade, cordials and soft drinks.

Here are 2 things we are excited about:

Self Sustainable Heating

After the building works, we will power the majority of our heating from either the log burners or the pizza oven that both use sustainable wood. In the kitchen we are aiming to use equipment that is gas free, so eventually The Wheatsheaf will be a gas free and sustainable business.

Compost Unit, Heat and Greenhouse

We are developing a small commercial compost unit by our shed which will turn all our cardboard, paper, garden waste, raw food waste and local horse manure into beautiful compost. What’s also produced is a lot of heat, which we will capture to heat our shed and future greehouse to grow produce all year round.


Hungerford Park
Nesbitt Farm
Springfield Chicken
Chilton Estate

Southgates Crab
Flying Fish Seafoods

Vegetables and Fruit
Hungerford Park
Westmill Organics

Berkley Farm Organic Dairy
Neals Yard Dairy

Dry Stores
Doves Farm
La Chasse
Chocolate & Love

Sutton Estate Organic Eggs
Hungerford Park Eggs

Ramsbury Ales
Meantime Brewery
Nothing But The Grape
Lea & Sandeman
Tutts Clump

Tea / Coffee
Kingdom Coffee
Hampstead Tea

Soft Drinks
Fever Tree


1). Fresh produce must be seasonal, predominantly British and over 70% is sourced within 30 miles of the pub. Only import citrus and exotic fruits from abroad from reputable suppliers. We always buy organic lemons, limes and oranges from our organic supplier Westmill Organics.
2). Always aim to buy organic (or even biodynamic). If not, then it must either be Slow Food, Fair Trade, Free Range or if not certified it must be within our ethos of organic agriculture.
3). Our fish is selected by using the Marine Conservation Society’s online guide… however our main fish supplier is Flying Fish who use the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide as a guide because of its focus on Cornwall. We work with Sandy our supplier at Flying Fish to understand what is in season, British and not under threat. Buy British first. We always buy wild fish and not farmed.
4). All produce must be of the highest quality and freshness.
5). Always aim to be raw cheese (unpasturised) and organic. All butter and milk is organic (Berkley Farm Dairy).
6). Buy British sundries first before European. Flour must be organic and within 15 miles. We aim to buy sugar and chocolate that is Fair Trade and organic. We use Chocolate and Love for our “chocolate bars,” the most ethical chocolate bar in UK. We don’t use Palm Oil ever, not even sustainable sources… we understand it’s consequences.

7). All our wine is organic or biodynamic. It is well made and good value.
8). All tea and coffee must be organic or biodynamic and Fair Trade.
9). Rarely do we have the chance to buy organic larger or ale, but it is a priority. Otherwise we look for breweries that are craft and have the same respect for their ingredients as we do ours.
10). All eggs are organic, without fail. Hungerford Park for orchard reared special eggs.
11). Soft Drinks should be organic or natural and we must promote the negatives of sugar by not advertising sucrose / glucose loaded drinks. Belu ethical water for this that want bottled.
12). We must constantly communicate with our suppliers to guarantee we are achieving the best standards that mirror our policy.
13). All meat must be organic where possible and a minimum standard of high quality free range. Beef must be grass fed only.  Game must be in season and wild from the local estate. We believe in the nose to tail eating and therefore work with Ollie’s Dad, the butcher, to make this happen.
14). Absolutely no palm oil.
15). We have a responsibility to ensure that we buy produce that does not have a negative effect on human rights or working conditions.